Our Web Solutions

A website serves as a reflection of a company’s essence. No one knows that better than us, we wager. We have prepared ourselves to meet the expanding online needs since the emergence of the booming internet. 

Making websites that help you operate more swiftly and effectively propels us ahead. We are growing every day since we devote most of our usual time to creating cutting-edge custom websites for SMEs and large corporations.

What we offer

The world’s new convenience is CMS solutions. By updating your website’s pages, graphics, and data regularly, we keep its content fresh.

A simple CMS enables quick and effective website modifications.

After a website has been developed and launched, it is time to ensure quality checks throughout a predetermined time frame. We provide maintenance and support services to our clients worldwide so that we can be there for them whenever they need us.

At RightEnd Computing, offer a wide range of services in maintenance and support, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Website updates, Landing page design, Website expansion, Website audits, Hosting plan analysis, and more.

Let’s make your website visible on the internet by hosting it for you.

By providing specialized e-commerce website solutions, we help various enterprises establish their online presence. Our web development services for e-commerce are driven by a customer-centric strategy and concentrate on creating high-quality websites that provide fantastic user experiences.

We create quality e-commerce websites with all the crucial factors, such as usability and consumer ROI, to help businesses grow and reach new heights.

At RightEnd Computing, we favor flexibility over rigidity. Our specialty is developing unique, customized web apps for many verticals. With the collaboration of our highly qualified and skilled IT professionals, we have been able to serve our clients for some time now.

Our experts have the potential to create and display responsive websites over desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

Mobile Solutions

Growing competitiveness is a direct effect of increasing technology. We strive to help you by creating well-designed mobile apps since we know that you want your business to prosper. 

For a range of platforms, including Apple iOS, Google Android, and Microsoft Windows, we create native and hybrid programs. We offer exceptional mobile solutions with flawless strategy, design, and development. Our approach to mobile development helps you stand out from the competition.

What we offer

The days of waiting for an app to load are long gone. Experiences that reduce waiting time and raise value are important to people. In our opinion, the creation of Android mobile apps should be quick, effective, and secure.

 By fusing the framework and UX, our team completes projects while ensuring that every last   aspect fits in perfectly.

For the people who use iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and other devices, iOS is a special set. An app needs the user to interact with the device flawlessly, and we make that possible. 

To design the best possible app experiences for the iOS platform, our team of professionals follows Apple’s motto, “Think Different.” Our dedication to the finest practices keeps us far ahead in every field, regardless of the most recent technological advancements, open source frameworks, or libraries.

The benefits that cross-platform technology provides are primarily why it is the most significant development in the field of IT. It makes it easier to launch and manage codes. By allowing the developer to reuse the codes for several platforms while maintaining the application’s general appearance, feel, and consistency, it eliminates repeated tasks. This accelerates development and speeds up delivery as a result.

We combine our subject-matter expertise with tech know-how and commercial acumen to produce dependable, high-performance economic applications.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design, usually communication design, is the art of organizing and producing visual content to convey concepts and thoughts. Billboards, cereal boxes, and smartphone apps are all examples of the ubiquitous presence of graphic design. These designs can affect our perception and emotions by incorporating many aspects and principles.

Using graphic design tools, we at RightEnd Computing bring visual thoughts to life and manipulate text, graphics, and images to engage or inform people.

What we offer

Visual Identity Graphic Design concentrates on a brand’s visual components. It seeks to convey a brand’s personality through pictures, geometric shapes, and color.

Within this discipline, graphic designers produce brand-representing components like logos, typography, color schemes, and image collections. They also create visual brand guidelines to achieve brand consistency across all usage.

This style of design is employed to market goods and services. Print advertisements like posters, billboards, flyers, catalogs, packaging, and digital ads like social media postings or television commercials are examples of this.

These graphic designers produce materials for marketing strategies and campaigns. They generate concepts, investigate customer behavior, and create designs that appeal to the intended audience. This design necessitates a thorough understanding of consumer psychology and product sales tactics.

Most products need some packaging to safeguard and prepare them for storage, distribution, and sale. However, packaging design may also speak to customers directly, which makes it a very effective marketing tool. Every box, bottle, bag, can, container, or canister is an opportunity to share a brand’s narrative.

Packaging designers develop concepts, mockups, and print-ready files for a product. This calls for in-depth industrial design and manufacturing knowledge and a specialist understanding of print techniques. It’s usual for designers to find themselves producing additional assets for a product, such as photography, illustrations, and visual identity because packaging design crosses so many disciplines.


Website Design Packages

Basic Plan

5GB Storage
5 Pages
Standard Design
24/7 Support
No Ecommerce
5 Email Accounts
GH¢90/mo Managed
GH¢100/yr Hosting
GH¢ 900

Premium Plan

10GB Storage
10 Pages
Premium Designs
24/7 Support
10 Email Accounts
GH¢130/mo Managed
GH¢120/yr Managed
GH¢ 1400

Advanced Plan

20 GB Storage
20 Pages
Premium Designs
24/7 Support
20 Email accounts
GH¢180/mo Managed
GH¢150/yr Hosting
GH¢ 2000

Depending on a customer’s specifications, prices may change. Please get in touch with us for prices on our custom web and Mobile Applications, as well as our Graphic Design service.

Compare Website Plans

This is a breakdown of each of our website packages. Kindly compare the features and choose your plan.

FeaturesSmall BusinessPremiumAdvanced
Products at SetupN/A50100
Email Accounts51020
Responsive Design
SMS Notificationsx
Premium Designsx
Basic Maintenance Planxx
Private Serverxx
Priority Supportxx
Completion7 Working Days10 Working Days15 Working Days

FAGs on our pricing

A substitute for traditional hosting is managed hosting. With traditional hosting, however, you are entirely on your own and without any support. If there are any security or technical problems with your website, you are responsible for fixing them; if you are not particularly technically savvy, you may need to hire someone to do it for you.

Advantages of managed hosting
1. In order for you to focus on your business, we take care of any potential technical concerns.
2. To keep your website safe from hackers and other bad actors, we manage security issues, patches, platform updates, etc.

3. We ensure that your website is always online.

4. We offer professional guidance and assistance every day of the week.

We do provide website care plans if you also want or need frequent modifications to your website, such as regular updates to the items, pricing, or other elements of your website.


Storage is the amount of hard drive space any website has to store files, emails, movies, photos, etc.


Data or information that can be accessible from your website on a monthly basis is referred to as bandwidth. You need more bandwidth when your website receives more traffic and visitors.


The total number of pages your website will have after setup. We do allow you to pay for more pages if you require your website to have more pages than that. As an alternative, you can sign in and make an unlimited number of pages without paying anything.

Products at Setup

How many products will be added to your website when it is set up. We do allow you to post as many products as you like for free using your login information if you need your website to have more products than that. Alternately, we can upload more items for you in exchange for a fee.

Email accounts

We give you the choice of having professional email addresses like info@businessname.com or whatever@rightend.com.

Secure Socket Layer Certificate (SSL)

All of our website plans include a free SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, which gives your consumers extra assurance because of the https lock icon that appears in their browsers.

Responsive Design

 We make sure that the website we create for you is not only stunning, but also fully usable on screens of all sizes, from computers to smartphones.


Ecommerce is the ability to buy and sell goods and services online using a website’s shopping cart feature. Your customers can go to your website, choose the goods or services they want, put them in their shopping cart, and then pay for their orders.

SMS Notifications

When a fresh e-commerce order is placed, we send text message notifications to both customers and site administrators.


Having the opportunity to install or make a number of extra plugins available on your website will improve its functionality.


A CDN (Content Distribution Network) enables your website’s assets—including photos, videos, and other files—to be dispersed via a world-wide network of servers, enabling your site to load more quickly and lowering the workload placed on your server and the bandwidth used.

Priority Support

Clients who get priority support receive the earliest attention and resolution for any problems and tickets.


The time frame in which your website will be finished.

Not at all a problem. There are three choices to take into account if you currently own a domain name that you would like to use:

Change the nameservers for your domain

By changing the nameservers for your domain, all you are doing is pointing your domain name in our direction. This indicates that you will continue to pay the person from whom you purchased the domain name annually for the renewal of the domain. (If you had email accounts connected to your domain that were active, they will stop functioning after the nameservers have been updated.) More information about changing your domain’s nameservers may be found here: How can I make your nameservers the default for my domain?

Domain name transfer

Depending on the registry, the process to transfer your domain name to us can take anywhere from 24 hours to 7 days. The benefit of this is that you will no longer need to pay us for your site and someone else separately. With all of our solutions, the purchase of your domain is free (limited to .com, .net, .org and .biz) More information on transferring your domain to us can be found here: How can I give you control of my domain?

Update your domain’s A Record

Emails and any other applications you may have on subdomains will continue to function normally after you update your domain’s A Record. However, you will still need to pay the person from whom you purchased the domain name each year in order to keep it active. More information about changing your domain’s A Record may be found here: How can I change the A Record for my domain to point to you?

You can, indeed. We give you the login information you need so you can visit your site and make the adjustments you want. In order to assist you in doing this, we also provide you some basic lessons and documentation.

We employ expertly created website themes from the top developers worldwide when necessary. Similar to other website builders like Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Hubspot, GoDaddy builder, and others, many of these also include integrated builders that make editing your website simple with drag-and-drop features.

There are many various aspects to our search engine optimization services, including technical, on-page, off-page, and content production. Many technical and on-page SEO elements are available from us, either pre-configured or available for you to customize and arrange as you see fit.

However, we do not by default include our SEO services in our website packages. We do this to make sure the price of our packages is as straightforward as possible, allowing you to pay for only the services you need in the event that you would rather manage Search Engine Optimization yourself or through a third party.

That is not a concern at all. The setup expenses solely would be incurred. You would not be responsible for any managed hosting fees.

Yes, a one-time payment would be required if you already have a hosting account and domain name, and all you need is to have your website designed and constructed.

Nevertheless, if you would prefer that we also offer you high-end managed hosting for your website, that component would repeat on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, depending on the payment cycle you desire.